Sausages & Cooked Hams
From Master Hand and Produced with Accuracy

Pure and Natural Pleasure

Sausages & Cooked Hams

We produce all desired sorts of sausages and hams in our production establishment and according to the old traditional recipe. Various sausages and a large selection of cooked and smoked types of ham are produced from our sausage and ham sommelier. He uses selected fresh meat, exclusively of high quality, for the products. They can be purchased in our retail trade and in various online shops.

Steiner’s Sausages

Sausages, Cooked Hams, etc.

A Careful Processing for First-Class Products


Steiner’s Sausages

Fresh, Firm, Tasty

Made by master craftsmen and with care. Fine delicacies to enjoy, produced using proven recipes and with fresh ingredients. Loved by everyone at any time.

Wiener sausages | Merano sausages | Servelade sausages | Munich veal sausage | Sausage meat loaf


Cooked Hams

The Best of Pork in Refined Form

Tender and juicy, like true ham. Homemade specialties of pork: boiled, smoked or refined with spices for ever changing culinary pleasure.

Farmhouse cooked ham | Rosemary ham | Mountain herbs ham | House ham | Prague ham | Smoked loin of pork | Smoke roll-shaped ham | Smoked pork knuckle