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The Taste of our Homeland:
South Tyrolean Speck & Bauernspeck

The Range of Steiner‘s Speck

Original South Tyrolean Bauernspeck & Speck Specialties

The art of producing South Tyrolean Speck means much more than good knowledge. Finally, the recipe makes it special at international level. It differs from enterprise to enterprise and is passed down from generation to generation. The extraordinary geographic position of the region and the typical Mediterranean-Nordic production process, which only exists in South Tyrol, are further factors of exclusivity.

We from the Butcher’s Steiner produce our Speck since ever according to traditional family recipe and respect exactly the prescribed quality regulations for the production of South Tyrolean Bauernspeck. The selected seasoning ingredients and the special climate gives Steiner’s Speck range its distinctive flavour in comparison to the Speck products of other enterprises. Light salting and seasoning, a gentle smoking process and much patience during the maturation in fresh mountain air transforms the best pork legs into delicacies in red and white.


Producing South Tyrolean Delicacies

Original South Tyrolean Speck Specialties – Since Generations Produced According to the Old Family Recipe


Original South Tyrolean Bauernspeck

It is the Fat that Contains Strength…

Mild and delicate – The exclusive South Tyrolean delicacies for gourmets. The meat comes from naturally reared pigs from South Tyrolean farms, slaughtered and traditionally processed directly at the Steiner butchery. The certified original with guarantee of origin!

Bauernspeck belly | Bauernspeck neck | Bauernspeck shoulder | Bauernspeck leg | Bauernspeck loin

All cuts available in different types joint

The South Tyrolean Bauernspeck is a real culinary adventure. It is an exclusive product for meat-gourmets, available only in a limited quantity. The meat of pork comes from South Tyrolean pigs with guarantee of origin, that grow species-appropriate on small farms and that get a healthy animal feed.

Next to the pork leg also the neck, the shoulder, the loin and the belly part of the pork are used, as it used to be once! The single parts differ regarding the taste, but the quality remains always high!

The original South Tyrolean Bauernspeck is marinated with selected herbs and seasoning and then salted. After a few weeks in the cold smoke of beech wood the Bauernspeck matures, depending on the weight and the thickness of the pieces, for at least 5 to 8 months in cold temperatures and in the fresh and pure mountain air of the South Tyrolean Dolomites.

An institute commissioned by the “Speck Alto Adige Consortium” controls and guarantees the genetics of the animals, the feeding and the breeding. It controls also the processing of all phases of production, as well as the maturing time. Only after all this controls the Speck gets the quality seal “Südtiroler Bauernspeck”.


Speck Steiner

Secret Recipe for South Tyrolean High Quality Speck

The traditional spice mix and the producing method makes the traditional Speck from the Butcher’s Steiner so special. It is passed down from generation to generation from the family Steiner and it is conserved as family secret. Steiner’s House Speck is produced from the best pieces of the pig and it is marinated with selected herbs and seasoning before it is salted. After a few weeks of cold smoking in beech wood the Speck matures for 4 to 6 months in cold temperatures and in fresh and pure mountain air of the South Tyrolean Alps positioned between the main Alpine ridge and the Dolomites. Steiner’s House Speck has a special taste and is a real masterpiece.

All cuts available in different types joint

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Speck Specialities

Smoked Delicacies with a Touch of Noblesse

South Tyrolean culinary delights for demanding connoisseurs. The best pork and beef, individually refined with traditional smoking methods and matured into culinary delicacies in the pure Pusteria-Pustertal valley mountain air.

Belly pork Speck whole | Neck of pork | Mountain ham | Low-fat ham Val Pusteria | Ham flank | Bresaola beef ham

All cuts available in different types joint